The Arabian Welcome

Embracing Arabia

In a place where discovery was the spice of life, we invite you to make a discovery of your own. Not far from the Burj Dubai, the world?s tallest tower and the gem of the spectacular Burj Dubai commercial and residential complex, you?ll find , a new four star deluxe hotel that presents a perfect fusion of old and new.

Soon to open, diverse dining and entertainment of
Old Town Island and Burj Dubai Lake Park, with attractions such as the spectacular and Dubai Mall ? the world?s largest shopping mall. These are all within reach of .

Discover why hospitality flourished in the place where trade was born. Here your senses will be seduced by the elegant craftsmanship of ancient Dubai, and your soul will be relaxed in a place where your every wish is all that matters.

From the moment you walk through the alluring lobby, you?ll notice that service has been elevated to an art form. You?ll soon realize that the comfortable lobby lounge is not just a reception area, but also a place to relax and unwind.

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