Welcome to Dubai
A city on the edge
Welcome to Dubai, city of merchants, cultural crossroads, second largest of the seven Emirates in the UAE. A country where the dust of the desert is clearing to reveal the potential for one of the most significant international cities of the 21st century.

Wedged between Europe and Asia, buttressed by Africa, Dubai's encouraging tax regimes, state-of-the-art telecommunications and sympathetic business environment have produced a country that is building energetically on the advantages which location, centuries-old trading savvy and oil wealth have given it.

Dubai is a business hub. It's the leading business destination in the Middle East and North Africa. Home to some of the world's most well known brands for the region, Dubai is poised to grow exponentially in the areas of business, commerce, industry, tourism, telecommunications and more. If you are heading to Dubai on business, you'll always feel welcome. And, at our Southern Sun Hotels, you'll find twice the welcome with our innovative mix of traditional Arabian hospitality and the most ultra modern business facilities at our properties.

Today, Dubai is easily one of the fastest growing cities in the world. It is one of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. With enormous construction and development in various industries, Dubai has attracted world-wide attention through innovative real estate projects, sports events, conferences and Guinness Records. Dubai is unusual in that its population is comprised mainly of expatriates, with UAE nationals (Emiratis) constituting the minority. The majority of these expatriates come from South Asia and South East Asia. A quarter of the population reportedly trace their origins to neighboring Iran. Dubai is also home to some 100,000 British and other Western expatriates.

Dubai is quickly aspiring to enrich its cultural scene with the $13.6 billion development of the Dubai Cultural Village. This development will include art museums and performing arts centres as well as libraries, schools for music and dance, rare book stores and open spaces for recreation.

Dubai has a growing number of stages including the Royal Hall at the Dubai Pearl, and the Dubai Community Theatre. The Madinat Theatre is one of the most significant and luxurious theatres in the region, hosting many international theatre productions including those from London's West End.

The Dubai Film Festival is an annual film festival that attracts the stars from all over the world. Dubai is also developing the Dubai Studio City which aims to be a centre for artistic production on the screen. As well as this: an island opera house which has been designed by Zaha Hadid; an art museum and a general museum are currently being built.

The Dubai Chamber Orchestra was founded in 2002 and performs in the various existing and newly developed concert venues.

Dubai is probably the construction capital of the world at the moment. They say that the national bird of Dubai is the 'crane'. It has been said that a vast majority of the world's construction cranes are in Dubai. There are more cranes in Dubai than there are in the entire nation of Canada! One of the main reasons for the boom in construction in Dubai is its drive to diversify the economy. The Dubai government does not want to depend on its oil reserves which are largely believed to become exhausted by 2010 and, as such, has diversified its economy to attract revenues in the form of expanding commercial and corporate activity. Tourism is also being promoted at a staggering rate with the construction of Dubailand and other projects that include the making of mammoth shopping malls, theme parks, resorts, stadiums and various other tourist attractions.

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  Connected to the World
Dubai is well connected, with 105 airlines connecting to 125 cities around the world.

For tourist/visitor VISA Requirements for entering Dubai, the most authoritative site is the official Dubai Tourism site at:

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