The Arabian Welcome

Arabia is a place of innovation, where the alphabet was composed and algebra originated, where trade was pioneered and astronomy formulated.

Today, that tradition continues, with the spectacular new Burj Dubai, the world?s tallest tower and the gem of the spectacular Burj Dubai commercial and residential complex. Within this groundbreaking development, you?ll find another landmark of innovation and modernity; Qamardeen Hotel.

Soon to open, diverse dining and entertainment of Old Town Island and Burj Dubai Lake Park, with attractions such as the spectacular and Dubai Mall ? the world?s largest shopping mall. These are all within reach of Qamardeen Hotel.

Espousing modernity and innovation in its many forms, the four star Qamardeen Hotel awaits. This hotel will delight you, with exceptional service and statuesque contemporary architecture befitting its place in Dubai?s most innovative neighborhood.

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